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Notice of AGM
Please be advised of the ISHRA Annual General Meeting to be held on Saturday 5th November 2016. Commencing at 3.00 pm
Please contact for more information.

Please see below our Presidents Report for 2015-2016

Please see below our Presidents Report for 2014-2015
ISHRA Presidents Report 2015

Update from Burmese School Project

ISHRA Report October 2008 (PDF)

Working in a developing country is a life-changing experience. I was honoured to be able to live and work in Cambodia for three months assisting the professional association of non-government organisations in Cambodia

ISHRA Report October 2009 (PDF)

Thai-Burma Border
I sent some pictures others had taken. I do not have a digital camera, in fact since we were burgled in our absence I now have no camera at all. The first group are Karen children near and in the Moei River which forms the border between Thailand and Burma.

ISHRA Report November 2007

Cambodia Themy Orphanage Refugee Relief Association has been involved with this orphanage for some years. ISHRA Secretary John Launder paid the orphanage in Phnom Penh a visit during his recent trip to Asia. His report follows: ‘The orphanage is situated on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, and has been supported for some years by Refugee…

ISHRA Reports on 2008

Saret told me that there were 61 children and youth in her care, the latest little fellow, maybe a 5 year old, had arrived the previous week. He had been placed there when his father was imprisoned for murdering his mother. It was clear that he was already comfortable and accepted by the other children…